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About Us

About JeevanBachao Foundation

Jeevanbachao Foundation is the brain child of professionals who have worked in their fields for nearly three decades and having done so far so many years wanted to serve the society. The objectives primarily are to Save the Girl Child, Educate the Girls, Women Empowerment, Save the Environment and spread awareness on how to do so and keep it clean. Bring positive changes in the lives of the under-privileged children, orphans, elderly and the disabled.

Purchase and acquire land to construct Dharamshalas, Old-age homes, Schools for Blind, improve sporting facilities for girls, arrange and undertake conferences, Lectures and discourses for promoting and importing knowledge, education, science, art, tourism, culture, sports, and patriotism among masses at large.

We Established in 2016

Our journey started in 2015 when we formed our company under companies act in Delhi (as not for profit organization). The basis of our organization emerged from the persistent gender inequalities in India and the sheer need of educating poor women to overcome fears and phobias which are instilled in them due to various social and cultural rituals.

Our aim is to help them in living an independent and respectable life

Our Mission

Jeevanbachao Foundation’s mission is to equip poor women with knowledge and skills so that they excel as professionals and entrepreneurs, and earn a “livelihood with dignity” in jobs and markets that were traditionally closed for them.

Our mission is to empower at least 75% of the women from the village we adopt in various parts of Patna, awareness of legal rights and Increasing enrolments in schools with the help of local authorities.

Our Goal

We are a nonprofit company registered under companies act.

We started our work with funds raised largely from family and friends as most young organizations do. This was an important part of our journey, which brought in the spirit of volunteering and commitment to the team.

Why Donate?

Our nation is built on the backs of children. To enable all children to realize their full potential, it is imperative to guarantee that they have access to high-quality education, a healthy diet, and a secure environment. The Jeevan Bachao Foundation has so dedicated itself to giving kids the childhoods they so well deserve and to assisting them in realizing their ambitions.

Working with us by Helping us & donation

Please help these children by donating some of the share from your earnings. These Children needs people like you. Each and Every penny is used ONLY in the welfare of these children. We are making every possible effort to make their living better but we can not proceed without you.

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Adarsh Kumar

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Adarsh Kumar, I am 08 Years old only,basically I belong from Patna, and I am reaching out to you with a heavy heart but hopeful spirit. Recently, I was diagnosed with Cancer (ALL), and I am now embarking on a challenging journey towards recovery I am humbly reaching out to request your support in the form of a donation to assist with my medical expenses.
I am humbly reaching out to request your support in the form of a donation to assist with my medical expenses.Your generosity will not only alleviate the financial strain but also provide much-needed encouragement during this difficult time.
Every contribution, no matter how small, is a step towards a brighter and healthier future. If you find it in your heart to donate, you can do the needfull help for me.
Thank you for taking the time to read my message, and I am grateful for any support you can provide.
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